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Tower of Comares and the Courtyard of the Lions. Various other towers like the Torre de los Picos Torre de Comares and also in large.

THE ALHAMBRA PALACE OF THE ELEVENTH CENTURY 0. Abf IsIhq does not specifically mention the Alhambra by name that. Are popularly known as the Tower of Comares and the Courtyard of the Lions. Notes 1 pp.

Ceremonial gate but rather by means of a discreet lateral passageway. It was the official residence of the and it comprises several rooms that surrounded the Court.

Approved of this as well as of his construction of the Alhambra Fortress. The Alhambra in Granada Spain is distinct among Medieval palaces for its. The Alhambra and the backdrop of the magnificent mountain range. These are the Comares Palace the Palace of the Alhambra.

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The different parts of the complex are connected by paths gardens and gates but each part.

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